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Bret Hart Remembers Dynamite Kid: He Was ‘The Best Wrestler Ever’

Few had a closer relationship with Dynamite Kid than Bret Hart, and the WWE Hall of Famer shared his thoughts on the passing of Tom Billington on Instagram. The two were rivals in the ring, but brother-in-laws in real life. Hart said that Tom was “the best wrestler ever” in the post.

Here’s Hart’s full post:

There are people in life that have a ripple effect both professionally and personally. Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington was one of those people. The second professional wrestling match of my career was against Dynamite. I benefited from his greatness and through our matches in Stampede, WWE, and everywhere in-between, I became a better wrestler because of him. Dynamite truly was the best wrestler ever, pound-for-pound. Tom was family, my brother-in-law, and we were very close. In many ways I felt like one of the few people who truly knew him, both the good and the bad. I saw Tom one final time this past June in England and I can only hope he is finally at peace. My thoughts are with his children Browyne, Marek, and Amaris, and the entire Billington family.

Our condolences to Hart and to the rest of Billington family and friends.

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