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Enes Kanter Details WWE Plans After NBA Retirement, Paul Heyman Agrees To Advocate For Him

New York Knicks’ center Enes Kanter has been open about being a professional wrestling fan, and he told The Athletic (subscription required) about his plans to compete in WWE after retiring from professional basketball. The Turkey native became a fan while in college, and has been vocal about his admiration for The Undertaker since then.

In fact, when he met ‘Taker, it was the first time he had felt nervous being around another celebrity. “When he was coming out my knees were shaking, I promise,” said Kanter. “I know a lot of legend basketball players or legend people or famous celebrities or whatever but I never had that feeling before. Seriously. He is the one.”

Kanter explained that he’s looked into training options, but that he can’t currently undergo any wrestling bumps due to his contract. “The [Knicks] don’t want me to be in the ring,” explained Kanter. “Because I asked them and they don’t want — they want me to be in the ring or not; they said I’m not allowed to be in the ring.”

However, he has big plans after retiring from basketball. “What am I going to do, just get fat?” asked Kanter. “Get fat and I’ll be bored. I cannot play video games and watch TV all day. I need to do something. I definitely want to do it. And then go to Hollywood from there, like The Rock.” His plans include working with his friend Paul Heyman. “I would hope that he shall take my guidance and be more than just a wrestler,” said Heyman about his future star. “I would hope that Enes would want to be a WrestleMania main eventer because I don’t see why a person who came in and has become the most talked about New York Knick in years would aspire to be anything less than that.”

Make sure to check out the full piece for much more from both Kanter and Heyman.

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