Becky Lynch
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Becky Lynch On Becoming ‘The Man,’ Initial Fan Reaction At SummerSlam & More

Becky Lynch
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Becky Lynch is certainly making the rounds for media ever since becoming “The Man.” Recently, she spoke to Yahoo about the incredible boom period in her career and the initial fan reaction to her turn at SummerSlam. Below are some quotes:

Becky On Her Reaction To The Overwhelming Initial Fan Support:

“How could I be the bad guy? I had gone on a winning streak unmatched by anyone on ‘Raw’ or ‘SmackDown.’ I owned the show. As soon as Charlotte comes back she gets a title opportunity and then steals the win from me. I think the fans wanted me to have that single moment.”

“Yes [I was a bit surprised],” Lynch said. “I don’t think you can ever expect a response like that. When you get one it’s incredible, but it’s never expected or guaranteed.”

“[Fans] want somebody that they can look at and emulate,” Lynch said. “Someone who knows when enough is enough. When they’ve been passed over continuously, undermined, underestimated and they say, ‘No, you know what, I deserve this. I worked for more than this, I am more than this. I’m going to show the world.’ That’s what [I’m] doing.”

Becky Lynch On Calling Herself ‘The Man’:

“It’s something that I knew that I had in myself, but I didn’t know how to bring it out, what the right opportunity would be,” Lynch said. “I’ve walked around saying the things that I’ve been saying in my head for a long time and now the truth is coming out and I’m saying what I want to say without any fear of what people think of me, fear of being disliked. It’s been very freeing.”

“That’s been a gradual thing of self-belief,” Lynch said. “The top dog in the company has always been the man. Now I’m the top dog. It’s been a progression of believing it and owning it.”

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Becky Lynch On Competing At WWE Evolution:

“I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being in the ring as much,” Lynch said. “Before ‘Evolution’, I said that I wanted it to be the best pay-per-view of the year. I think we made that happen. I said that I wanted to have the match of the year, steal the show and blow the roof off the place and that’s what we did.”

Becky Lynch On Comparisons To Conor McGregor:

“Of course, it’s an absolute honor,” Lynch said “Nobody can get compared to two of the best in sports and sports entertainment and be insulted. They’ve certainly never seen a woman do it the way I’m doing it. I’ll take those comparisons all day long, but know that this is something different.”

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