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WWE TLC Preview – So Says Shernoff Comedy Special

WrestleZone readers are likely familiar with Josh Shernoff, co-host of the weekly Apter Chat podcast.

Shernoff has put together the So Says Shernoff Comedy Special, an entertaining and highly comedic WWE TLC preview. The new special features Shernoff’s humorous takes on some of the best (and worst) TLC matches in WWE history, as well as interviews with fans that seem to have an odd penchant for TLC inspired violence.

Readers may watch the So Says Shernoff Comedy Special in its entirety below:

Readers may also listen to this week’s edition of The Apter Chat with both Shernoff and co-host Bill Apter below:

The Apter Chat is also up for WrestleZone’s 2018 Podcast of the Year award. Readers may vote for our year-end awards HERE.

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