Lars Sullivan
Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Lars Sullivan at NXT 'Takeover: Chicago' 2018

Lars Sullivan Promises To Change WWE Landscape; Baron Corbin Addresses Braun Strowman TLC Rumors

Photo Credit: Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan Promises To Change WWE Landscape

Although it isn’t clear which brand he will choose just yet, former NXT star Lars Sullivan took notice of his differences and promised to soon change the proverbial landscape in WWE, “I’m realizing more and more that I don’t belong in normal society. I’m a “grotesque genetic mutation”, “freak”, “disgusting monster”… I embrace it all. I’m sick. Whichever brand I choose to go on, the landscape will change immediately. You’re getting an angry freak of nature :)”

Drake Maverick took notice of Sullivan’s latest tweet & something about that ending smiley-face didn’t sit well with the 205 Live star:

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Baron Corbin Addresses Braun Strowman TLC Rumors

RAW GM Baron Corbin made sure announcer JoJo Offerman was rehearsing tonight’s anticipated ‘victory by forfeit’ announcement, as if ‘her job depended on it’. Corbin was supremely confident that the injured Braun Strowman would not be able to compete at tonight’s TLC pay-per-view.

When Charly Caruso entered the scene to ask Corbin to address rumors that Braun Strowman would indeed be able to compete at TLC, the RAW GM suggested that such ramblings were beneath him and his position.

Readers can play the role of Heath Slater and watch the entire exchange below: