Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

First Ever Women’s Triple Threat TLC Match To Main Event TLC, Becky Lynch Teases An Encounter W/ RAW Superstars

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Kayla Braxton interviewed SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch commented ahead of her return to the ring in tonight’s first ever Women’s Triple Threat TLC Match. Lynch squares off against both Asuka and former best friend Charlotte Flair. Lynch was asked how she was preparing mentally and physically in light of the brutal kendo stick attack she endured courtesy of Asuka on SmackDown Live. Lynch replied, “Asuka brought the fight to me on Tuesday and I have no problem with that because she has to know I’m gonna rip her head off because of it and Charlotte Flair, I’m gonna rip her head off just because she’s Charlotte Flair.”

Lynch continued putting the historical importance of tonight’s match in context, “Listen, I know the deck is stacked against me, but I’m changing the industry anyway. Kayla, when was the last time that a women’s championship match main evented a dual branded pay-per-view? When was the last time a SmackDown championship match main evented a dual branded pay-per-view? Never. No.”

Lynch has also not forgotten RAW Superstars Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax and teased the possibility of an encounter tonight at TLC, “There is a big match feel going around and that’s because of one person and one person only. Even RAW, even the RAW Women’s Title match is being propped up by what I’m doing. Nia [Jax] keeps walking around mentioning my name, hoping it will keep her relevant and Ronda [Rousey] is hoping I will forget about her so she can go back to pretending to be the baddest woman on the planet. You know what? Now that I think about it, seeing how both rosters are here, I might take a little stroll around the building and hand out a few receipts because there’s a lot of debts to be collected when the man comes around.”

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