Bayley Opens Up About WWE Women’s Tag Team Division, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, & Tribute To The Troops

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE Superstar Bayley was one of Dana Warrior‘s recent guests on the Total Warriors podcast. Bayley talked about the possibility of a WWE Women’s Tag Team Division, Tribute To The Troops, and her early influences in professional wrestling. Highlights appear below.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

On A Potential WWE Women’s Tag Team Division:

We just want the division to keep growing and we want to build a future for the WWE and the women’s division and mainly right now we just want something that we can all work towards and if we aren’t in that championship spotlight like Ronda [Rousey] or Asuka now on SmackDown that there’s something more to work towards because there’s so many talented women on the roster and not all of us can go for that championship run and I just think it would be cool to have a tag team division because we have so many tag teams. We have the IIconics, we have Mandy [Rose] and Daria [Sonya Deville], we have The Riott Squad, Tamina and Nia [Jax]. There’s just so many different options and there’s a bunch of girls in NXT and things like that. It’s something we can really push towards and we actually like teaming together. With Sasha [Banks], we’ve learned a lot as a tag team and we have tag matches all the time, but once we put our mindset in, it can be possible to have a tag team division. We really started trying to work in sync more like The Revival or tag teams like that. We’re wanting to make a better future and something we can all be proud of. We have high hopes. We have big dreams for a lot of things, but that’s #1 on our list.

On Tribute To The Troops:

I think it’s very special that we all get to do that. I remember watching as a kid, watching the Superstars go overseas, and that really taught me the importance of giving back and showing support to our troops because they are doing everything for us and so are their families sacrificing so much, so as a kid that taught me a lot. We have to be just as supportive as they are fighting for our freedom. Being able to be a part of that nowadays that I’m in the WWE is actually very special. Last year was actually the first time I was involved in it and got to wrestle on the show in San Diego on the base. That was really really cool. It was kind of one of those surreal moments for me just being able to meet the troops and their families and seeing how excited they were that we were there and then this year I wasn’t on the show, but got to go on the base with you and Titus [O’Neil] and Apollo [Crews] and Sin Cara and we got to go to one of our Be A Star rallies at one of the schools over there. I don’t know what’s better, but it was really nice to see the kids and they’re all making sacrifices as well, living such a different lifestyle. My mom actually lived kind of the same lifestyle because my grandfather was a colonel in the Marines, so they had to move from base to base all over the country, so I know from her stories what that’s like. It was nice to be able to give back and let them hang out with us and see their smiles.

On Her Early Pro Wrestling Inspirations:

When I first saw Macho Man for example, I just saw him walking to the ring, so he was just making his entrance and I noticed the tassels and the bright colors and that’s what caught my attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. It was great and same with Ultimate Warrior. The way they presented themselves and all the detail they put in their outfits and how much thought in trying to make their entrances special and they did because that’s what drew me to it. It was obviously memorable for a lot of people. That’s kind of wear my inspirations come from.

Titus O’ Neil & Steve Cutler were also guests on the show. Readers may listen to Total Warriors in its entirety below:

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