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WWE Kitchen SmackDown Debuts, Top 10 RAW Moments Of 2018 (Videos)

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WWE Kitchen SmackDown Debuts (Video)

WWE’s newest YouTube series, Kitchen SmackDown has just debuted on YouTube. It is hosted by former RAW Tag Team Champion Bo Dallas and features a lot of WWE’s more underutilized talent. It is a fun watch and you should give it a chance:

Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox and Curtis Axel compete in a cookoff for guest judges Enes Kanter, Nicole Foley and Mark Henry on Kitchen SmackDown, hosted by Bo Dallas. Did you like Kitchen

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Top 10 RAW Moments Of 2018 (Video)

WWE released the top 10 moments from Monday Night Raw this year on YouTube. What was your favorite moment? Be sure to sound off in the comments:

From invasions to deletions, relive the most exciting moments of Raw in 2018.