John Cena
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John Cena On Current WWE Return Being His Choice, Sheds Light On Upcoming Schedule, RAW Appearances, & When He Will Depart Again

John Cena
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WWE Superstar John Cena participated in a Facebook interview last evening before his appearance on WWE SmackDown Live in Pittsburgh, PA. Cena opened up about his involvement with MakeAWish and offered insightful details about his most recent WWE return and shed some light on his upcoming schedule.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone) 

On His Involvement With Make-A-Wish:

A lot of folks ask me about Make-A-Wish and what’s so spectacular about Make-A-Wish. Make-A-Wish is awesome because of the experience. I actually just came from meeting a young Make-A-Wish fan who’s gonna be at his first WWE show ever and he is super excited. I got to talk to him and his whole family and now after talking to him and sitting down to talk with him, I’m literally going to go from Facebook Live down to SmackDown Live and we’re gonna have some fun. I’m gonna be able to see him out there and interact with him and it being his first experience – he knows a lot of the WWE Superstars – he will be overwhelmed with excitement. So, what I love about Make-A-Wish is that the experience is so rewarding for both myself and the families involved.

On What It’s Like Being Back In A WWE Ring:

It’s awesome. It’s the best. This is inside baseball, but there are some inside baseball folks out there So, I filmed a movie in China that ended shortly after Thanksgiving and I landed in America and started global promotion for Bumblebee a day and a half later. So, I went to Berlin and I went to the UK and I went to Hong Kong and then I went to China, pretty much going all over and finished that four days before Christmas right when Bumblebee came out. I had a choice to make and a choice WWE was totally cool with. I’m very fortunate to be able to shoot my next project in Vancouver on January 20th and they said, ‘Well, you’ve been working hard. Why don’t you just take a month to breathe and then do this movie and show up after the movie’s done?’ I said, ‘I could do that or I could come back to WWE.’ So, starting December 26th at Madison Square Garden, I was able to return to a WWE ring and tonight we’re here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we’re able to do the same thing. I’ll be in Tampa, Florida live tomorrow night performing in a WWE ring as well and then next week I’m gonna switch. I have no brand allegiance…it’s gonna be RAW and the week after that it will be RAW and as soon as RAW is done I’ll head to Canada and hopefully start something else, but I made a promise to the WWE Universe that I would never leave and I know it’s really difficult to understand because I’m not there every week and it truly breaks my heart, but there are some wonderful opportunities and with those opportunities come more acceptance from the world of what we do here in WWE and if you listen to anything I say to anyone, first and foremost is what I do here because what I do here is what I love and I’m so very proud that WWE. Each day that goes by WWE is gaining more and more respect from outside critics who have thought maybe that it is only one thing and that’s that. I’m really appreciative to everybody opening up their minds to what we do because I believe what we do is put smiles on people’s faces and I just saw it tonight and will go back out and see it. So, instead of taking a month and kicking my feet up and cracking open a nice can of red wine and enjoying that, I wanted to come to WWE. It’s no secret; I’ve invested my life here for 16 years and this is my life and this is my family. It’s cool to see everybody backstage, but it’s gonna be extra cool to see people out there, so I’m super stoked about it.

Cena also opens up about how he became involved with a hypnosis show, talks his cryptic Instagram account, and reveals which Transformer he’d like to be.

Readers may watch Cena’s interview in its entirety below:

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