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Edge And Christian Gives Praise To EC3, Other WWE Call-Ups

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On a recent episode of The E&C Pod Of Awesomeness, former WWE Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian provided some thoughts on the upcoming call-ups from NXT to the main roster. One superstar, in particular, that they had their eyes on was former IMPACT Wrestling star EC3. While this is the second run in WWE for “The One Percenter”, the duo see EC3 as a better fit for the main roster than with NXT and see his potential shining through on the big stage.

“I think EC3, I don’t want to say it, but he’s kind of better suited for the main roster than he is for NXT and we’ve seen that happen, same with Elias. He was the same type of guy and EC3 reminds me a lot of him in that respect, that that’s better suited for him.” 

Edge also made a comparison for EC3 to 16-time WWE World Champion, John Cena. High praise as it is, Cena and EC3 have thrown some subliminal trolls at one another, suggesting a future program between the two along the way.

“I think EC3 reminds me of Cena as well, and Elias. And I think if you were to put Cena on the NXT roster starting out, I don’t know how great it would’ve gone, but you put him on the main roster and you see what happened. I think that’s very similar with EC3, and his skill set, and where he’s at. And I think, not that he didn’t do great in NXT, I just don’t think it’s the best place for a guy like him. I think he’s really kind of going to flourish coming to one of those two shows.”

Edge would also praise another main roster call-up, Lacey Evans, comparing her to former colleague Michelle McCool. The rest of the podcast, which also featured NXT superstar Matt Riddle, can be heard in the video below.

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