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Kevin Kelly Thinks A Relationship Can Get Worked Out w/ AEW & New Japan, ‘Retro Styles Ep. 6’ On UUDD (Video)

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A big question surrounding the developments in AEW is if the company is going to have any sort of partnerships with other promotions, one of those in particular being with NJPW. It’s been reported that New Japan is currently continuing to work with Ring Of Honor, but as of a few days ago, All Elite Wrestling was initially left as an outsider and now with the speculation that Kenny Omega is likely to sign with AEW talks could charge back up between the two entities. One person that thinks a relationship can happen between NJPW & AEW is announcer Kevin Kelly, who when asked the question on Twitter had a very positive one-worded response:

Would you like to see AEW work with New Japan or do you prefer their act fly solo for awhile? Sound off in the comments below!

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‘Retro Styles Ep. 6’ On UUDD (Video)

UpUpDownDown posted the following video online:

AUSTIN CREED visits THE HOUSE that AJ STYLES….bought? Creed checks out THE PRINCE OF PHENOMENAL’S insane retro video game collection that extends throughout his entire home! What super rare arcade systems does Styles have stored in his house? Check it out in this special edition of RETRO STYLES!