Kevin Owens
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Owens Slims Down (Photo), Sid Breaks Leg 18 Years Ago

Kevin Owens
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Kevin Owens Slims Down (Photo)

Even with Kevin Owens undergoing knee surgery in October, the man we once called Steen has managed to slim down since we last saw him attacked by Bobby Lashley. A recent photo reveals KO looking quite lean and ready to “float like a butterfly” with a Cassius Clay shirt on:

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Sid Breaks Leg 18 Years Ago Today

It was 18 years ago today when Sid Vicious infamously shattered his leg doing a second rope leg kick against Scott Steiner. The video is below and if you have not seen it before, it’s not for the feint of heart (so – WARNING: GRAPHIC):