Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Sonjay Dutt One Of The Passengers On Freezing Flight Stoppage, Documents Experience & Has To Cancel Appearance

Sonjay Dutt
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Sonjay Dutt happened to be one of the passengers on a plane that had a 14-hour stoppage in the freezing cold while flying from Newark, NJ to Hong Kong. The plane stopped due to a medical emergency, but was further held over after a mechanical issue occurred where the door wouldn’t close. Dutt was quoted in the CNN report:

Sonjay Dutt, a passenger on the plane, said on Twitter that the plane’s door had broken and that they were stuck on board as the weather dipped to negative-20 degrees outside. Unable to leave for hours upon hours, he began tweeting at United for help, saying that they were running low on food.

Finally, after more than 14 hours, Dutt was able to get off the plane with the rest of the passengers.

Dutt had a lengthy Twitter thread documenting his hellishly cold experience and ultimately led to him having to cancel his EWE appearance in Macau, China. Dutt’s trip ended up being much longer than 14 hours:

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