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Ronda Rousey Featured On This Week’s ‘Cold As Balls’ With Kevin Hart (Video)

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RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is featured on this weeks episode of Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls.’ Fresh off of last week’s season premiere episode featuring Terrell Owens that garnered over 2.2 million views, Kevin now invites Ronda to the cold tub for a very fun discussion.

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Some episode highlights include Ronda and Kevin, who are both swimmers (in their own right), talk about their favorite stroke and how Ronda got into swimming. Also, Ronda goes into intimate details about her life story from how she dealt with her speech impediment, losing her father as a child, winning her first Olympic medal at her second Olympics because the refs screwed her over at her first Olympic debut at 16 years old, to transitioning into MMA. In addition to all that, Ronda shares the important lesson that Rowdy Roddy Piper’s son taught her.

Here are some helpful timecodes for the video sent to us by the Laugh Out Loud team:

3:00 They talk about how they both started as swimmers.

3:35 – Rousey started Judo as a kid following her mom’s footsteps and used it to relate to other kids (helping her to get over her speech disorder and her dad’s death) – was much better than swimming where her mind would wander.

4:30 – Talks about being close to her mom and her mom being her best friend as a kid

5:00 – Kevin asks if Rousey would train his daughter and says she sucks

5:45 – She won Pan-American games, won Olympic trials, then went to first Olympics and says she got screwed over by the refs

7:45 – when she told her mom she wanted to fight, her mom said it was the stupidest fucking idea she ever heard in her life but then she got brought in to join the coast guard

9:30 – talk about her goals in the WWE. She says belts don’t matter. It’s about storytelling – wants women’s division to be better because she’s there

11:00 – Kevin acts as Rousey’s manager with the belt on

12:00 – Rousey takes him out of the tub and throws him on the floor

Watch it all below:

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