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Viral Sensation ‘Poppy’ Talks Being Apart Of #NXTLoud, Ken Shamrock, The Velveteen Dream

Unique YouTube sensation, Poppy was recently featured as a part of NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. Her song, X, was an official theme song of the event and featured in the video package for the Women’s Championship match.

Poppy recently spoke to Uproxx about being featured on NXT, the interesting choice for her favorite WWE Superstar of all time, and her thoughts on The Velveteen Dream:

Poppy On Being Featured On NXT:

I know, I’m so glad that it happened. I think it was meant to be. Well, what happened was WWE heard my song ‘X’ and they asked if they could use it, and I was extremely surprised because I’ve been a fan of WWE for a long time and I said, “Of course, you can use it.” Then I showed them that I have Triple H stickers on my guitar. Triple H retweeted that and everybody seemed to be really excited about it and now I hope that I get invited to perform some of my new songs.

Poppy On Ken Shamrock Being Her Favorite:

Well, first I was really drawn to his outfits, but he’s actually very talented and he’s gone on to actually have a career, and I don’t really know how active he is in current time. But I am a fan. I used to own a Ken Shamrock doll actually. It was a gift. I only had Ken Shamrock, nobody else.

Poppy On The Velveteen Dream:

I was told that I should investigate into Velveteen Dream a little bit more. [After being told they’re similar]: That’s what I’ve been told. Yeah, so I really hope that I can attend an event and hang out with him.

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