Mark Haskins
Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR / James Musselwhite

Mark Haskins On Wrestling In The States, Being Injured, And More

Ring Of Honor posted 10 Questions With Mark Haskins.  The Lifeblood member discussed an injury he’s suffering, wrestling in the states, and more. Below are some highlights:

Mark On His Recent Injury:

It happened mid-match at a live event. I took a kick to the calf and it twinged a little, nothing too major. I thought nothing of it. I finished the match and then as I’m strolling around backstage I realized I was in a tremendous amount of pain, which wasn’t fun.

Mark On Wrestling In The States:

I like getting to travel and see the country. It’s a beautiful place and I love getting to be a tourist from time to time. I also love the Ghost Pepper peanuts. When I landed in Texas I found the first 7-Eleven and cleaned the shelf of them. The cashier did look at me kind of funny when I paid for them.

Mark On The Best Advice He’s Been Given In His Career:

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes and your ears open. Quite a few people told me that. Looking back, maybe they just wanted me to be quiet. Oh well, it ended up being sound advice in the end, as I learned a lot.

Mark On A Subject He Wants To Know More About:

How to be a multi-millionaire without having to work.

To read the full Q&A, click HERE.

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