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Ruby Riott Opens Up About Missing Evolution, How The Indies Prepared Her For RAW Women’s Championship Match

RAW Superstar Ruby Riott was recently interviewed by Pedro Perez IV of the Valley Town Crier and opened up about last year’s knee injury and how her career in the independents prepared her for a RAW Women’s Championship bout against Ronda Rousey. Highlights appear below.

On How Riott Started In The Business:

I have a different story than most of my peers. I didn’t watch it much when I was a kid, I was mostly in theater and fine arts, but two best friend’s oldest brothers started doing it and we attended shows around Indiana. We would watch and have a great time being in the crowd that I wanted to give it a try. I actually started in a backyard and I fell in love with the art of sports entertainment.

I loved the possibilities and creativity of being whoever you wanted, expressing whatever you wanted and from there I spent the next six years touring.

How Indie Wrestling Helped Her Get To Where She Is Today:

My career in independent wrestling was mostly to find out who I was. When I was I kid I was shy, not very confident, and an introverted kid. Sports entertainment really brought out my best qualities of all of the things I wanted to be. I wanted to express to the world and to show young women and women in general that have a similar difficulty in being who they are, that being something different and accepting that “different” is normal.

It really helped me mold who I am today and I think if it was not for the steps I needed to take, I do not think I would be a contender for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Riott On Her Knee Injury Last Year:

It was difficult honestly. It was the first time I ever actually been out and benched for a long period of time. Having to sit back and watch Smack Down every day and being with my girls (Riott Squad) was difficult, but at the same time watching Sarah (Logan) and Liv (Morgan) succeed and win matches and that alone made the hard work to return worth it. But that was also when they announced Evolution and I was not able to participate in that. I was determined to be a part of the first ever women’s pay-per-view but I have been able to do incredible things and I am motivated to come back a better performer.

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