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Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Bianca Belair at NXT 'Takeover: Chicago' 2018

Bianca Belair On Montez Ford’s Influence On ‘The Braid’, Possibly Being Called Up Without Him

bianca belair
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NXT Superstar Bianca Belair was today’s guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. Belair opened up about her struggles with bulimia and depression, as well as her time in NXT and relationship with Montez Ford. Highlights appear below.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

On Her Relationship Montez Ford:

For me it was [sparks from the very first day]. I remember seeing him and thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful man.’ I had an immediate crush on him. He got hurt for awhile and disappeared for a couple months when I first started. It was an immediate connection and we’ve kind of been inseparable ever since. We got married. It’s just crazy because we come from two different sides of the world. He was a marine. He was in the military. I was just living life, going to college, and working in Atlanta. If it hadn’t been for WWE and coming into wrestling – I found my husband through wrestling. Wrestling had brought me so much joy and my husband. It’s brought me my career and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m just blessed.

On Montez Ford’s Influence On The Braid:

[Montez Ford] definitely helped me come up with it. I’m a huge Beyonce fan and she had a concert. She was on tour and had this long braid. She was dancing with it and it caught my eye. I’m like, ‘I want to do that.’ That catches my eye and wrestling is about standing out and being able to catch people’s eye. I’m like, ‘I want to do that braid,’ so I did the braid, but I kind of did it just as a hair style, just to fill it out. I was kind of going back and forth with, ‘I really like to wear my hair down and I see all the other girls with their hair down and they’re so pretty. I kind of want to do that.’ He was the one that told me, ‘You have to keep that braid. It stands out. Just trust me. Nobody wears their hair like that. It’s unique. I’ve never seen anything like that before. You have to keep it.’ I ended up keeping it and then he told me, ‘You know you can even do stuff in the ring with it. Use that thing.’ I was like, ‘You’re right.’ I was in the ring with my coach and she was like, ‘Can you hit her with your braid?’ I was like, ‘I think so.’ I kind of just did it and it really didn’t do anything. We were at home and would play around with it and look for different things to do with it. He was kind of the mastermind behind keeping it and he sparked the process. He was a big influence on the braid.

Belair On A Potential Main Roster Call Up:

I think that’s the main goal we all strive for, but I have to say that I absolute LOVE NXT. There’s something about NXT. It’s a different atmosphere. It’s a different feeling and, of course, it’s my home. I’m a homegrown talent and NXT, I hold it dear to my heart. It’s where I met my husband. It’s where everything started. Of course, that’s the main goal and I look forward to hopefully, one day, getting to RAW and SmackDown. I hope it comes soon, but I’m just going to do my part and keep doing what I’m doing. It will come when it’s supposed to come.

On Potentially Being Called Up Without Her Husband Montez Ford:

Thank God I have someone that I love to be with 24/7. He’s not just my husband, he’s my best friend. I like to think I’m his best friend and that he likes to be around me all the time. People say, ‘Gosh, you guys are obsessed with each other.’ We are stuck to each other all the time. We fly on airplanes and if we have different seats, I’m going over to the other person, ‘Hey could you switch seats with me, so I could sit next to my husband?’ I definitely want to go to RAW or SmackDown at the same time as him and hopefully go to the same brand. I don’t know what I’d do if we went to separate brands. It would be an adjustment.

Readers may listen to Lilian Garcia’s interview with Bianca Belair in its entirety below:

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