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Paige On The Evolution Of Women’s Wrestling, What’s Next For Her

Paige was recently interviewed by Muscle & Fitness in promotion of the new Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson produced biopic Fighting With My Family. The former SmackDown Live GM opened up about what it was like seeing her life story on the big screen, the evolution of women’s wrestling, and what’s next for her. Highlights appear below.

On Seeing The Film For The First Time:

I cried my eyes out. It was like an impossible quest not to watch this whole thing without blubbering. [Stephen Merchant] cast my family so perfectly. The biggest thing I loved is Stephen’s cameo in it. (He plays the uptight father of her brother’s girlfriend).

Paige On The Evolution Of Women’s Wrestling:

I was pretty much a different flavor of ice-cream when I walked in. The crowd many years ago was used to the same thing. They were used to these beautiful women that weren’t really showcasing a wrestler’s form. I came in and looked completely different: dark hair, piercings, pale skin, and all I wanted to do was wrestle. I refused to go in the ring without wrestling, and I would constantly get into trouble, because I was fighting for  women. I knew they were capable of doing more. I knew they were just doing what the fans expected of them. I feel like once I ignited the fire in the girls a little bit, then WWE even took notice. These women are working so hard, they want to be wrestlers. They don’t want to just be eye candy. More and more female wrestlers were coming in, doing the same thing I was, and now we have a women’s revolution. I just love it.

On What’s Next For Her:

I’m always going to be involved in WWE, whether it’s behind the scenes or in front of the camera. But I am looking at venturing out a little bit. And WWE has been so supportive. I would love to get into acting and movies. Maybe not about me necessarily, although I would like to see a Fighting With My Family sequel!

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