Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor/Corey Tatum

Honor Rising Night 2 Results (2/23) New Champions Crowned In Korakuen

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Bruno Silveria

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FIRST MATCH: Toa Henare & Jonathan Gresham vs. Suzuki-gun (TAKA Michinoku & Zack Sabre Jr.)

TAKA and Sabre start the match. Gresham tags in. They trade holds. They chain wrestle on the mat. They break.

They lock up. Sabre manipulates Gresham’s arm. Gresham counters and stomps Sabre’s leg. They break.

They lock up. Gresham maintains dominance and grounds Sabre. Sabre regains control with a headscissors. Gresham counters but Sabre locks the headscissors back in. Gresham counters with a Bow & Arrow Hold. Sabre counters with a cover for two.

They lock up. Sabre wins a test of strength. Sabre manipulates the arm. Gresham cartwheels out of the hold.

They lock up. Gresham gets a wristlock. Sabre hits a snapmare. Gresham keeps the wristlock held. Sabre hits a snapmare. Gresham ducks a kick. Sabre dodges a stomp. Sabre hits a backbreaker. TAKA tags in.

TAKA attacks the body. Gresham hits a series of elbows. TAKA pokes Gresham in the eye. TAKA hits a corner Shining Wizard. TAKA covers for two. TAKA locks in a headscissors. TAKA transitions to a crossface. Henare breaks up the submission.

TAKA takes Gresham to the corner. Sabre tags in. Sabre attacks the body. Sabre hits an uppercut.  Sabre and Gresham trade strikes. Sabre blocks a bodyslam. Sabre hits a series of uppercuts. Gresham hits a Tornado DDT. Henare tags in.

Henare pummels Sabre. Sabre hits a running corner uppercut. They trade strikes. Henare hits a corner lariat. Henare hits a Samoan Drop. Henare covers for two.

Sabre counters a Suplex with a Guillotine Choke. Sabre hits an arm-trap Pele kick. Sabre hits a Tornado DDT. TAKA tags in.

TAKA hits a headbutt. Henare hits a dropkick. Gresham tags in.

Gresham fights off a double team attempt. Gresham hits an Asai Moonsault to a standing Sabre. Henare hits TAKA with a headbutt. Gresham hits TAKA with a Shooting Star Press. Gresham covers. Sabre breaks up the pin. Gresham locks TAKA in an Octopus Hold. TAKA submits in 12:20.

WINNERS: Toa Henare & Jonathan Gresham