sgt slaughter
(Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Sgt. Slaughter Discusses Getting Death Threats, The Genius Of The WWE Network

Sgt. Slaughter did a recent interview for Fox News on a number of different topics, among them being the pressure he and WWE received for his Iraqi sympathizer angle and the wonders of the WWE Network.

Speaking on the move to make him an Iraqi sympathizer, the Sarge doesn’t regret the tongue-in-cheek angle, but things swiftly became very intense. “Vince McMahon called and said that somebody called the wrestling office and threatened to kill me and my family,” Slaughter remembers. “Kill his family and him and blow up our house and blow up the wrestling office and studios and our cars, so he took it pretty seriously.”

Armed security was needed to transport the former WWE Heavyweight champion around, and when the Iraq-America conflict began to claim more and more lives, they canned the angle.

Discussing the WWE Network, he calls it a “stroke of genius.”

“To be able to go back and watch Sgt. Slaughter against Iron Sheik, or Pat Patterson in an alley fight, it’s incredible to know that it’s available out there,” he says. “I watch it myself! I watch a lot of my matches, some I don’t even remember. Sometimes I wrestled 14 times in one week, so you don’t always remember, but boy it brings back a lot of memories.”

You can watch the full Fox News interview HERE.

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