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Cody Rhodes Talks AEW Needing A Bigger Venue, Arn Anderson Leaving WWE

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cody Rhodes spoke on a number of subjects concerning the current state of AEW, chief among them the company needing a bigger venue, and gave his two cents on Arn Anderson and WWE parting ways.

Talking All Elite Wrestling going another step up for its venue sizes, Cody re-iterates the huge demand from fans and states that bigger venues is a possibility. “Made my heart swell up in terms of folks putting their trust in us. We want to take that and reward them,” said Rhodes. “I know it shifted, we pivoted plans on a few things because of just the number itself. Perhaps in the steps we take next, maybe a bigger venue.”

On Arn Anderson’s recent alleged firing from WWE, Rhodes was shocked to hear the news, because so many of the active roster – and biggest stars – were trained and handled directly by Anderson. “I’ll see where the story goes. Arn Anderson is a gift to this industry,” The American Nightmare stated. “He’s not corporate, he’s a wrestler, but you cannot take wrestlers out of the wrestling business. Especially because he was so instrumental too. My mind is blown.”

You can watch the full video below:

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