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Paige On Living With Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Getting Into Wrestling, Feeling Like A Superhero

WWE superstar Paige recently opened up during an interview with The Telegraph, as she continues to promote her Fighting With My Family movie.

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On feeling like a superhero:

“It was just the adrenaline rush to be in that ring. It’s a place where you can pretty much be a superhero. I always quote a line from the movie that says, ‘It’s like crack cocaine and heroin all mixed together!’ It’s a euphoric feeling.”

On living with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts:

“It wasn’t strange to me because I’ve always been part of wrestling. It didn’t feel abnormal. People looked at us as strange though, so we’re used to being outcasts, weirdoes, and underdogs. It was just an everyday occurrence. Looking back now though, I can see why people thought it was strange.”

On low attendances at shows:

“I remember days when we’d only have five or 10 people in the crowd. Dad was like, ‘I refuse to cancel… they came to watch the show, and we’re still going to put on a show.’ We just had to act like there were 100 people. I’d get so frustrated and say, ‘Dad, I just want to go to bed!’”

On getting into wrestling:

“I always loved wrestling, I just didn’t want to get in the ring because I was scared of it. Then when I did it, it was just natural, I didn’t feel forced into it. There’s always someone in a family – whether it’s in wrestling or not – who doesn’t want to follow in the family’s footsteps. But that was never the case. The only thing I wanted to was to be out of my family’s shadow, because that’s how it was in England. I was on a quest to be my own brand and be my own product.”