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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Nia Jax On Roman Reigns’ Return: “There Was Not A Dry Eye Backstage”

Nia Jax recently appeared on the It’s Mike Jones show and talked about Roman Reigns’ emotional return on WWE RAW this week.

Jax said Roman’s return was welcomed, and just seeing him was great, but hearing he’s coming back full-time was even better:

“You know what, when he—he had us all on edge, because we were all waiting to see what he had to say. Just seeing him around was amazing. It helped everybody, we all just were so happy. But to hear that he’s in remission, there was not a dry eye backstage. 100% We were all in happy tears, jumping up and down. Now we feel whole again because we were missing, like you said, our Superman. We were missing him. Now he’s back.”

Jax also talked about challenging for the WWE Women’s Championship at Fastlane, and said Bayley and Sasha Banks can go defend their titles wherever they want, but it’s something she and Tamina wouldn’t be doing if they were champions:

“It’s really cool to see that because we have three amazing brands—WWE RAW, SmackDown and NXT—so it’s really cool to see Sasha Banks and Bayley took it upon themselves to defend the titles and give the NXT girls the option. Personally, for Tamina and I, if you want the tag champs, you come to us. We’re on top of the mountain, we’re not going to lower ourselves and I’m not going to go anywhere else. I’m at RAW; RAW is the top of the mountain, so if you want this, you come to us.”

Check out the full interview below:

Nia Jax joined me to talk about WWE Live this weekend at Eaglebank Arena, her quest with Tamina for the Women’s Tag Team Championships, Roman Reigns’ comeback, plans for Wrestlemania, the shock of Batista’s return on RAW and what can cure the pains after battling in the Elimination Chamber!