Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (3/15/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

March 15th, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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oVe vs Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Tommy Dreamer

A huge brawl breaks out. Swann takes out Callahan with a dropkick. Mack, Dreamer, and Swann stand tall in the ring. Dreamer and Callahan start the match officially. Callahan pushes Dreamer into the corner. Jake tags in and walks into a hip toss by Dreamer. The faces take turns working over Jake’s arm. Jake tags in Dave, who blast Dreamer with a knee strike. oVe takes turns beating down Dreamer. Dreamer slingshots Callahan into the corner. Mack tags in and hits a Samoan drop, followed by a standing moonsault. Rolling thunder by Swann. Dream lands an elbow and fails at trying to nip up. Swann and Mack help Dreamer nip up. Mack lands a dive. Swann lands a dive. Dreamer sets up a dive but ends up climbing through the ropes and just punching one of the Crist Brother. Splash by Dreamer. Swann dives off the top but Callahan lands a boot. After the break, oVe is working over Swann.

Dreamer gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Callahan spits in Dreamer’s face. Dreamer elbows Callahan in the face. Everyone lands a finisher. Dreamer DDTs Dave. Callahan breaker up the pin. Dreamer stacks up all over oVe in the corner. Mack hits a cannonball. Swann and Mack hit frog splashes. Dreamer goes up top and lands a splash of his own. Dreamer attempts the Spicolli Driver but Callahan escapes and locks in the testicular claw. Callahan drops Dreamer with a piledriver for the win.

Winners- oVe

Moose interrupts the Rascalz session and beats the crap out of all of them for talking smack last week.

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