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NBA Player Enes Kanter Says He Is Serious About WWE Career After NBA Retirement

Former Oklahoma City Thunder/New York Knicks player and current Portland Trailblazers star Enes Kanter sat down with Hoops Rumors to talk about a plethora of things and among them was his love and passion for the WWE. Kanter is close friends with Paul Heyman in real life and has admitted that he has had multiple conversations with Paul about a possible future with the company. He even went as far as requesting a meeting with Vince McMahon to hash out specifics and try to work something out.

Kanter said “I’m very serious about it. I feel like it’s my world. You just got to go out there, talk trash, troll people. Lifting, I love lifting. It’s just fun, man. I don’t want to stop my sports career when I’m done with basketball. A lot of people go into broadcasting, coaching, but I want to continue opening the door in sports. That’s why I’m very serious about it. I’m already in contact with Paul Heyman and some of the wrestlers. I’m actually trying to meet with Vince McMahon.”

He went on to conclude by saying: “I’ll just say it was my hobby in college because I didn’t get to play [basketball] in college. And so I said I’ll just do it after my basketball career. I’m very serious about it.” Check out the full interview for the NBA related portion. What do you think about a possible NXT/WWE Career for Kanter? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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