cody rhodes
Photo Credit: AEW

Cody Rhodes Comments On Recent Trademarks, Says ‘Most Aren’t Intended For AEW’

Cody Rhodes took to Twitter to clarify some movement regarding trademarks once belonging to WCW. Storied names like Bash at the Beach, Battlebowl and Bunkhouse Stampede were recently trademarked by the AEW head, which led some to believe that he’d revive the events within the company. This doesn’t seem to be the case after all.

Cody claims that he’s recaptured over 50 trademarks in the last few months, mostly for personal reasons. Since these were originally Dusty Rhodes inventions, it seems that the Son of a Son of a Plumber just wants to bring them back in the family. However, since he did say “most” of them were personal, here’s holding out hope for a Battlebowl 2020.

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