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Alberto El Patron Apologized To Triple H, Says ‘The Door Is Open’ For A WWE Return

Contralona TV recently conducted a fantastic interview with Alberto El Patron. The former Alberto Del Rio discussed a number of subjects including that he apologized to Triple H over some nasty remarks, and that a WWE return is possible even if he’s not begging for one at the moment.

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Transcription by William Beltran from SuperLuchas.com.

His favorite WWE moment:

There were many great moments in WWE, but the most special was to win the Royal Rumble of 40 wrestlers. I swore that they were going to do another Royal Rumble to take away that privilege from me, with 41 wrestler, but they have not.

On mending fences with WWE and apologizing to Triple H:

Now everything is normal with them, I apologized and shook hands, even with Mr. Levesque, with whom I do not agree on many things, especially how things ended and how they were done [when he was fired in 2014], but I should never have crossed the line and disrespect him. A man can only be called a man by admitting his mistakes. I lived a very difficult stage in my life: one year and two months in which I had to win the most difficult battle of my life that was against myself.

His favorite WWE stars to work with and why John Cena is one of the best:

I learned from many people, I became a better wrestler thanks to my matches with Edge, with Christian, with Rey Mysterio, with John Cena, who even though you the fans want to criticize him: John Cena is one of the best wrestlers of the universe. Wrestlers! Yes, I said it well and I repeat it: wrestlers.

John Cena is the master of that, of being able to go out into the ring and wrestle with quality for 45 minutes against someone you have never seen him in your life, I learned that from many wrestlers, but especially from all the matches I had with John Cena and all that time I spent outside the arenas listening to him and learning from him. I swear, there is no one better listening to the fans and knowing what they wants and how to make them cheer than John Cena.

The difference between choreography and wrestling:

Don’t get confused, doing choreography in the ring can be done by anyone. I take the guy who works in the gas station on the corner and I teach him a choreography for a week and I swear he can do it in a ring.

Putting yourself in the ring to wrestle, to wrestler, create those emotions, ups and downs within the match: one moment dominates the one and one moment dominates the other, and without having created a choreography, that is the real wrestling. I know that the business has changed and some like that kind of choreography, I don’t like it, that’s not a wrestling match.

On if he’ll return to WWE before he retires:

Returning to WWE before retiring is not a question of whether they want to or I want to return. Neither I hope nor want to return nor do they expect me to return or want me to return. But the two of us have had approaches, especially to make the peace, which opens the door to the fact that before I hang up my boots I can have some last matches in WWE. I clarify it: neither they beg me, nor I beg them. It’s just that the door is open for a future.

Check out the full interview in Spanish below:

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