Suda 51 Returns To Fire Pro Wrestling For New Storyline

Legendary video game director Suda 51 has had a storied career. He’s worked on such titles as Lolipop Chainsaw, Killer 7, and the No More Heroes games. Before all that, he worked on the Fire Pro Wrestling series, a popular 2D simulator that has only just recently taken a true foothold in America. Today, publisher Spike Chunsoft announced that Suda’s career was coming full circle. He will be writing the third downloadable campaign for Fire Pro Wrestling World.

In the game he previously wrote for, 1994’s Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, your main character had to contend with unexplained death and murder on his way to the world championship. Those familiar with the story and Suda’s work in the industry are expecting even more carnage from this add on. Suda 51 was on hand at GDC for the announcement, talking to many in the gaming industry. That includes one New Day member who may be looking to jump ship after this Tuesday’s SmackDown.

You can grab Fire Pro Wrestling World now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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