Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Becky Lynch Continues to Call Out Ronda Rousey on Twitter

After taking shots at Rousey during a recent Golden State Warriors game, Becky Lynch’s Twitter crusade against Ronda Rousey continued earlier this week, as Lynch once again targeted Rousey and her husband in a series of tweets.

The first tweet shared by Lynch was a photoshopped photo of Rousey and her husband, UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne, that showed her husband sporting a t-shirt that read “Ronda Fears Becky.” Lynch also referred to the WWE apparently asking her to tone down the jokes, but it seems like she has no plans to do that.

From there, Lynch called out “Ronnie,” saying that Rousey has been quiet recently. In a reply to a fan joking about Lynch being told to tone things down, Lynch once again took a shot at Rousey, calling her a “dope.” In yet another reply, Lynch joked about the fact that Rousey is a fan of goats, saying that if she wanted to spend time with a real GOAT, she’d invite Lynch out for dinner.

As WrestleMania 35 draws closer, the anger between Lynch and Rousey seems to grow. What started out as seemingly harmless Twitter jokes has since evolved into something much more, and it now seems as if the two genuinely do not like each other, which will make the upcoming Triple Threat match for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship that much more exciting.

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