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Bill Demott Trying To Change Florida DUI Law In Remembrance Of Daughter

Former professional wrestler and former head of development at NXT Bill DeMott is aiming to help change a Florida law two years after his daughter was killed after being struck by a drunk driver.

Earlier this week, DeMott visited Brooks High School (via the Times Daily) and told the story of his daughter, Keri Anne DeMott. Keri Anne was on her way her home in early morning hours on October 10, 2015, when she was struck in a head-on collision by a drunk driver.

According to DeMott, after the death of his daughter, he and his wife were determined to make sure their situation didn’t happen to anyone else. Since then, DeMott and his wife have founded the nonprofit Keri Ann DeMott Foundation in order to honor the memory of their daughter, but also to give back to local community groups and national organizations, as well as raise awareness on the dangers of drunk driving.

Since the tragic event, DeMott and his wife have been attempting to work with Florida state senators and representatives in an effort to change a state law that allows a person charged with DUI to plead down if their blood-alcohol content is over the .08 limit.

According to DeMott, this year is the closest that the foundation has been to seeing the law changed, and he’d also like to see the initiative go national in an effort to help others around the world. “This should be a state law,” DeMott said. “Keri’s law is about accountability. If you get pulled over for drunk driving and you’re drunk, and if you’re over the .08 (limit), you should not have the option of pleading down, knowing that you made that choice. If you’re double the limit, you don’t ever get to plead out.”

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