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Details About WWE’s New HQ, Reasoning For Leaving Titan Towers

Earlier this week, WWE announced that they’d be leaving the headquarters that have carried them for decades. Dubbed Titan Towers, the building appeared in multiple notable segments, including the infamous “Get It” Super Bowl commercial during the Attitude Era.

Thanks to the fine folks at PWInsider, we now have an idea of WWE’s thought process is regarding the move. In their current setup, employees have to shift between three buildings in order to operate. This sometimes includes shuttle buses and crossing guards, a less than efficient solution during the average workday. WWE is now a global company and needs a bigger base of operations to run efficiently.

While there is a fondness for the building and what it represents, the move is seen eternally as a big stepping stone. WWE will be part of the Stanford skyline when the move is complete, and they’ll have plenty of room to spread out and breathe. Some reports even suggest that Vince McMahon’s XFL/Alpha Entertainment operations could come in house at the new HQ, although that’s not finalized at this time.

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