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The New Day Have To Win Tag Team Gauntlet Match To Get Kofi Kingston His WrestleMania Title Shot

SmackDown opened with none other than The New Day. They opened up by thanking the crowd. “X and I spoke, considering all of the countless obstacles in Kofi’s way, we’ve discussed walking away,” said Big E. “We’ve done a lot of cool things, made life-long friends.” Xavier then chimed in to talk about how poorly Kingston has been treated. “This man right here exudes the power of positivity,” said Big E. “He doesn’t know the word quit.”

However, The New Day wasn’t going to quit just yet. They needed answers from Vince McMahon first. They then asked the chairman to come out in front of the audience. As expected, McMahon strutted out in his signature manner.

Before McMahon could finish his first sentence, out came WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. “Don’t waste another breathe facilitating their fragile egos, if they want to quit then let them quit,” said Bryan. “They’re nothing more than a stale novelty act that you created. You can make another one. Just bring up three stars from NXT and have them throw waffles. They’ll be even more popular!”

McMahon had enough and told Bryn to shut up. “Quitting, you’re gonna quit? No, you’re not gonna quit. There’s not a bone in your body that says you’re gonna quit … You’re not about to quit and you never were about to. I get it. Everyone loves what we have here. Most everybody. So, Kofi, you are definitely and will always be in my view a B+ player. The only question in my mind is that you two are a B+ tag team. All this respect you have for Kofi. I get it. So, can you two put Kofi Kingston in the WWE Championship match? Kofi you’re done having your opportunities, but if you two can win a tag team gauntlet match tonight then you are in at WrestleMania.

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