Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

New Day Wins Tag Gauntlet, Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan Set

After nearly quitting the WWE at the start of tonight’s SmackDown Live, The New Day was given a chance to have Kofi Kingston wrestle for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35. If The New Day could win a tag team gauntlet match without Kingston, then McMahon would allow Kofi a title shot next month.

As the match started, the first opponent The New Day faced was Gallows and Anderson. While it looked like the duo would be in for some trouble, The New Day actually managed to knock them out relatively quick, with both Xavier Woods and Big E hitting the Up, Up, Down, Down on Karl Anderson to knock him out.

After the early knockout, the next tag team that Big E and Woods had to face was Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev. Unlike their first fight, this battle took some time. Nakamura and Rusev both fared much better than Gallows and Anderson, but The New Day was once again able to come away victorious after Big E was able to avoid a Knee Strike from Shinsuke. From there, Woods and Big E once again landed an Up, Up, Down, Down on Shinsuke, and Woods pinned him.

After doing away with two tag team duos, the next opponent for The New Day was The Bar, with both Sheamus and Cesaro storming into the ring and trying their best to take out Woods and Big E. Both Big E and Sheamus spent some time going back-and-forth, and there were a couple of moments where it looked like either tag team could win, especially when Woods landed an incredible leg drop on Cesaro. However, The New Day once again prevailed, as Woods was able to quickly roll up Sheamus and bring Kofi one step closer to WrestleMania 35. Unfortunately for The New Day, Cesaro and Sheamus didn’t take the loss well, and the pair got to work beating up the exhausted New Day before putting Big E through a table in the middle of the ring.

The final tag team duo to come out was The Usos, and just when things looked over for The New Day and Kofi Kingston, the Usos shocked everyone. Instead of fighting, they took control of a microphone and spoke about how much respect they have for all three members of The New Day. In their speech, they mention that if anyone has a right to fight for the WWE Championship, it’s Kofi, and because of that, the Usos forfeited their match.

After the shocking revelation, it was announced that Big E and Xavier Woods would have to face one more tag team, and it was none other than WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Rowan. With both Big E and Woods too exhausted to do much of anything, Bryan and Rowan quickly went to work dealing tons of damage to The New Day partners. Things once again looked pretty bleak, but a sudden burst of energy from Big E sparked a huge comeback.

After a solid back-and-forth from both tag teams, Xavier Woods knocked Bryan out of the ring, and both he and Big E were able to throw Rowan over the announcer’s table and pin him down with it. With Rowan being the legal partner, he was counted out and The New Day had successfully sent Kofi Kingston to WrestleMania 35 for a shot at the WWE Championship. With The New Day celebrating, WWE superstars poured out of the locker room to congratulate Kingston.

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