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Details On Vince McMahon’s Decision To Take The Belt Off Asuka

Dave Meltzer has some inside information regarding as to how Vince McMahon made the choice putting the SmackDown Women’s Championship on Charlotte Flair as the big WrestleMania main event draws near.

Meltzer stated in the Wrestling Observer forums (online subscription required) that McMahon changed his mind yesterday afternoon about leaving the belt on Asuka. According to Meltzer, Vince didn’t feel it was worth having a 17th or 18th match on the card so Asuka would have an opponent that no one would care about. so instead Vince incorporated the SmackDown’s Women title into the headline bout.

Meltzer has also stated on his latest Wrestling Observer Radio that the idea of including the blue belt in the three-way has been an idea floating around before last night, but it finally came to execution yesterday evening.

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