Jim Ross
Photo Credit: Jackson Laizure/Getty Images

After 26 Years, Jim Ross Leaves WWE Today

Jim Ross has announced on Twitter that today is his last day working for WWE after 26 years. In his last hours with the company, he’ll be filming an interview for an upcoming documentary about The Undertaker. Ross was on a two-year deal following his prior departure due to his hosting of an infamous WWE 2K panel that featured a drunken Ric Flair.

Starting with the company at WrestleMania IX, he’d be in and out of many shows before solidifying his position as the lead commentator of RAW during the late ’90s. Often alongside Jerry Lawler, the WWE Hall of Famer would hold onto that position until 2008.

For many fans of a certain age, there will only be one answer to the question of their favorite announcer. From Foley falling off the cage to the many exploits of Stone Cold, Jim Ross backed up every moment of the Attitude Era with a unique flair. Every match felt important with his insight backing things up. He has already been missed in the announcer’s chair and we wish him the best on wherever he ends up next.

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