Sonya Deville
Photo Credit: WWE

Sonya Deville on Being LGBTQ in WWE: I’m Happy To Spread Positivity

Speaking with the Asbury Park Press, Sonya Deville reflected on her career so far. Coming up through Tough Enough in 2015, her tandem with Mandy Rose came at just the right time to ride on the wave of the Women’s Revolution.

Mandy and I were actually able to be part of so many firsts because we did come in at such a vital time, and I feel like we ourselves have contributed to the changing landscape of the women’s division, and that’s a personal goal of mine to continue to do.

While she’s happy to be breaking barriers as a woman, Sonya is also proud to be the first openly lesbian woman to compete in WWE.

Being a part of the LGBTQ community myself, it’s another passion of mine to let my fan base know that I represent another demographic in the WWE, and we are diverse and it’s OK to be you. And that’s kind of another message I’d like to spread while I have this platform.

The full interview goes into Deville’s feeling on the WrestleMania main event and also where she sees gender equality in wrestling going in the future.

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