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AIW Slumber Party Massacre Results | Swoggle vs Scott Steiner and More!

Absolute Intense Wrestling held the Slumber Party Massacre event in White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey late last night. A smaller promotion run out of Cleveland, Ohio, they managed to put together a few very interesting matches for the WrestleMania Weekend crowd. Let’s see how it all shook out.

  • Familia del Tijuana (Bestia 666 and Damien 666) defeated The Young Studs (Bobby Beverly and Eric Ryan). Bestia hit Eric Ryan with a low blow and a Death Valley Driver through a door filled with forks for the pinfall.
  • Joshua Bishop defeated Dom Garrini in a Submit or Surrender Match. Bishop handcuffed Garrini to a ring post and threatened to set him on fire after dousing him in lighter fluid.
  • To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney and Cheech) retained the AIW Tag Team Championships against PME (Philly Collins and Marino Tenaglia), The Production (Eddy Only and Derek Director) and The Jollyville F%&k-Its (Nasty Russ and T Money)
  • Shinjiro Otani defeated Eddie Kingston after a German suplex and a lariat.
  • Scott Steiner overcame the challenge of Swoggle after a noble effort by the former leprechaun. Steiner locked in the Steiner Recliner for the victory.
  • Colt Cabana and Space Monkey went over MJF and Ethan Page. Cabana submitted MJF with Billy Goat’s Curse.
  • Nick Gage triumphed over Mance Warner with two piledrivers and a powerbomb.
  • Tom Lawlor claimed the AIW Absolute Championship from PB Smooth, also defeating Tim Donst and Matthew Justice in the process. Lawlor locked in a rear naked choke on the former champion for the victory.

Despite what you might think, Steiner and Swoggle put on an excellent show. Scottie let Swoggle get in tons of offense, and his pre-match promo with the backing track of Short People by Randy Newman is sure to be one of the highlights of this weekend. The crowd was also into the action, chanting against Shoney’s to show their displeasure with the Big Bad Booty Daddy.

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