luke gallows and karl anderson
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WWE Botches Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson’s Name In WrestleMania Program, Anderson Responds

WrestleMania 35 is tonight, and the professional wrestling world is eagerly awaiting the start of the largest show of the year. However, one WWE tag team duo likely feeling a bit slighted is Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The “Good Brothers” are featured in the official WrestleMania 35 program. However, WWE botched their names in the program, putting each name under the wrong photo.

One fan noticed the botch and shared it on Twitter:

Anderson saw the photo, and issued the following response:

They got our names wrong?!

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Gallows and Anderson’s WWE status. They’re not currently scheduled for a match at WrestleMania tonight, however, it’s possible that they could be involved in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

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