Nia Jax
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Nia Jax On Why Advertised Match With Dean Ambrose Didn’t Take Place, Breaking Becky Lynch’s Face

Nia Jax took part in media rounds at WrestleMania 35 this weekend, and was asked about why her advertised match with Dean Ambrose didn’t take place. A video ad featuring the matchup at the February 22nd WWE Live show in Jonesboro, Arkansas ran locally, but was later said to be incorrect.

“Unfortunately, my schedule was messed—they didn’t have my schedule right. I had Total Divas work that I had to go to, so it was more like the scheduling was off and we couldn’t make it work.

I don’t want to say 100% because his wife is around here somewhere, but he was scared of me. [laughs] He’s the one that asked for it to be scrapped. Just saying.”

Jax was also asked which NXT women she’d like to see on the main roster, and Nia put over Bianca Belair as someone to look out for:

“Bianca Belair is definitely my favorite, for sure you have to watch out for her coming up in the ranks. Hopefully she comes up soon. It’d be cool to see her add another flavor to the roster. She’s such an incredible athlete and she’s strong.”

Much of the talk this weekend was about the women’s main event, and Nia said an unfortunate accident ultimately led to something really good for the women:

“In the moment, it was a crazy, crazy—we had the big brawl and everybody was coming in, punches were being thrown left and right. When it happened I didn’t realize what I had done, but it turned into something amazing. Something unfortunate that happened in the moment turned into something incredible, and look to where it’s led. [Becky Lynch] is main eventing WrestleMania. To be fair, if she would’ve been in that Survivor Series match with Ronda, she might not have been able to have this incredible feud and match that she’s having on Sunday.”

When the interviwer joked that Becky owed her spot to Nia, she laughed and said she does deserve credit in a way for making things come together:

“I 100% believe that I have a big part in booking the main event. I had put over Ronda for a year, then I punched Becky in the face to get her there, so I think somebody needs to cough it up to me a little bit.” [laughs]

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