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J.J. Dillon on AEW: ‘There’s An Opportunity For A Fresh Approach’

The Hannibal TV caught up with the legendary J.J. Dillon. The great manager and wrestling mind had kind words to say about Cody Rhodes, and talked about why All Elite Wrestling is coming along at the right time.

“Enough time has passed to where there’s an opportunity for a fresh approach,” said Dillon. “WWE can’t hire everybody, so there is good talent out there. I have a very soft spot for Cody. I was very close to Dusty and I watched the boys grow up. Michelle, his mother, is a wonderful human being. If there’s anything I can do to help him, I want to because of the tremendous respect I have for Dusty. Many of the opportunities that happened for me were because of that relationship. I never took that for granted.”

They key to success? Honesty and being prepared. “You have to have all the elements. TV, some established talent, then you can get the emerging talent, and that’s how you get your base. Cody grew up in the business, he was around ‘The American Dream,’ and saw the charisma Dusty had. He’s had all the tools in his toolbox, he just has to go through them and make smart decisions.”

Check out the full interview below:

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