Cedric Alexander
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

205 Live Results (4/16/19): Cedric Alexander Has Final 205 Live Match

Tonight’s episode of 205 Live was a special night, as it was not only the final night of Cedric Alexander’s 205 Live career in a match against Oney Lorcan. Before Alexander departs for Monday Night RAW, he got the chance to take on a rival he had been feuding with for weeks.

Prior to that match, however, was a fatal four-way match to kick the night off, featuring Gran Metalik going against Ariya Daivari, Mike Kanellis, and Akira Tozawa. While the match started out relatively slow, things got heated pretty quick, as Metalik was able to take out both Daivari and Kanellis with a vicious dive out of the ring. However, with both Daivari and Metalik incapacitated outside of the ring, both Tozawa and Kanellis began to go at it.


Despite the pair getting the best out of each other, it was Kanellis who was nearly able to snatch a victory, as he caught Tozawa with a knee strike that looked to take down Tozawa. Unfortunately, Daivari quickly entered the ring, throwing out Kanellis in the chaos and pinning Tozawa to steal a victory from Kanellis.

When it came time for Alexander to take on Lorcan, things weren’t very emotional, despite it being Alexander’s final match in the division. Lorcan quickly came out fiercely, trapping in a variety of submissions and making it clear he wouldn’t go easy on Alexander. Despite that, Alexander made sure to give the fans a show, going blow-for-blow with Lorcan.

Unfortunately for Alexander, however, Lorcan wouldn’t go away, constantly pestering Alexander with various knee strikes and vicious elbow shots. As the two began to even themselves out and go back-and-forth, it was Lorcan who finally got the upper hand, landing multiple Half and Half’s on Alexander and taking down the Cruiserweight superstar. As the match ended and Lorcan went to attack Alexander again, he changed his mind, instead extending his hand for a handshake as the crowd applauded Alexander and gave him a final showering of respect before he leaves to Monday Night RAW.

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