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NJPW Sengoku Lord Results (4/20) Two Titles Contested In Nagoya

Photo Credit: AXS TV

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FIRST MATCH: Shota Umino & Ren Narita vs. Yota Tsuji & Yuya Uemura

Tsuji and Umino start the match. They trade holds to start. Tsuji uses his size advantage to get the upper hand. Tsuji hits a shoulder tackle. Both men trade mounted forearm shots.

Both men get to their feet and begin trading elbows. Umino hits a back elbow. Umino hits a sliding front dropkick. Umino covers Tsuji for two.

Narita tags in. Narita bodyslams Tsuji. Narita covers for two.

Narita locks in a Cravate. Narita transitions to a seated chinlock. Tsuji gets to the ropes.

Umino tags in. Umino and Narita hit stereo shoulder tackles. Umino covers Tsuji for two.

Umino maintains dominance. Umino drops Tsuji with a series of uppercuts. Narita tags in.

Tsuji and Narita trade blows. Tsuji hits a back body drop. Uemura tags in.

Uemura hits a shoulder tackle. Uemura hits a corner back elbow. Uemura hits a hiptoss. Uemura covers for two.

Narita fights out of a Boston Crab attempt. Uemura stomps away on Narita. Tsuji & Uemura double team Narita in the corner. Tsuji hits an Oklahoma Slam. Uemura locks in a Boston Crab. Unino breaks up the hold.

Uemura and Tsuji hit Umino with stereo dropkicks. Uemura and Narita trade blows. Uemura hits a Double Underhook Front Suplex. Uemura covers for two.

Uemura pummels Narita with elbows. Narita hits an Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex for the pinfall in 7:37.

WINNERS: Shota Umino & Ren Narita