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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard Comments On Gail Kim Holding Her Back, Why She’s Coming Out Of Retirement

Tessa Blanchard took part in a media interview at IMPACT Wrestling‘s United We Stand event in Rahway, New Jersey. The former Knockouts Champion talked about Gail Kim coming out of retirement to face her at IMPACT’s Rebellion pay-per-view, saying she does respect the Hall Of Famer, but Gail is holding her back because she’s a better wrestler:

“I have high respect for Gail Kim; without a doubt, she’s one of the best. When women’s wrestling was fighting to be what it is today, Gail was trying to make it happen before it happened. That’s where I’ve been thinking the past few weeks, is I think that Gail knows she was one of the best, and she’s at the top of IMPACT. She’s a Hall Of Famer, she’s a legend, and that’s why she’s trying to stop me. She sees what’s coming and she sees what everyone else sees—I’m going to surpass her. She’s been holding me back because I will surpass her, and at Rebellion she’s going to see that.”

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Tessa also spoke about IMPACT being the perfect place to express herself, saying she has a platform to prove herself that she always hasn’t been given. “I do believe so. They’ve given me that platform. I’ve gone places where they tell me what I need to do, what I need to say, who I need to be, what moves I need to perform. At IMPACT, I get to be just me,” Tessa said. “I have creative control to do what I want, and to show people ‘screw you, this is what Tessa Blanchard is about, and if you don’t like it? Tough shit.’

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