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Jim Ross: ‘AEW Was Willing To Give Me An Opportunity To Play Again’

Jim Ross recently sat down with ‘Busted Open Radio’ to discuss his recent signing with AEW and his relationship with Vince McMahon. You can see the highlights from the interview below.

Transcription credit to John Clark at Wrestlezone:

On feeling he has something to prove:

You grow up with insecurities as a performer. We all do. I’m not any different and mine came from a business that was changing without my control where my look and my sound started to become an issue. The perception of JR getting older was someone else’s opinion. I didn’t leave because I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to play again and go get after it. I do not know where this is going to go and the honeymoon period is still on. We have to lay a foundation and build for it.

On if he is doing this to prove something to Vince McMahon:

Great question. I want to prove it to myself more than anything. I will never be happy with my commentary and will always want to do better and be the best. A little bit to Vince but he has been supportive of me making this move and we have been talking about it often over the past month. I’m proud of that WWE roster and what we did together and it was a team effort. Athletes want to be treated like athletes because they work their ass off and I want it to be that way with AEW.

On AEW being in the honeymoon phase and AAF going down after just 7 games:

Maintaining momentum is key. It was a big point of discussion in WWE, coming out of Mania with momentum. We need to have a good product. I will be honest with you I did not watch any of AAF. I am not worried about this because the Khan family is not under capitalized. We are in good shape and I am not worried. You have to be concerned to some degree after a few months because it could be cashed in and seen as a failed experience but I do not see that happening. We are looking at a few years to get talents and take care of our roster.

On what he thinks is going through the head of Vince McMahon:

I do not know that he is concerned about anybody. I really doubt it. He is bullet proof in that regard. The worst mistake AEW can make is trying to change WWE. We do not need to chase them. I’m sure there is financial concern. I asked about a undercard guy in WWE that helps the other guys learn and they said he was not available because he just signed a new WWE deal for $500K. Not because he would be used but just to keep him off the streets.

You can check out the full complete interview below. What do you think about what Ross had to say? Comment below and let us know!

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