Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results
Credit: Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling: Rebellion Results (4/28/19)

Impact Wrestling: Rebellion Results

April 28, 2019

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Petey Williams vs. Jake Crist vs. Aiden Prince vs. Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake vs. Eddie Edwards

Williams hits a code breaker on Jake. Edwards dives out of the ring into Crist. Williams dives over the top and takes outs, everyone. Prince set up a dive but Austin takes out Prince. Crist hits a cutter. Williams puts Edwards in the sharpshooter. Jake pulls Williams off Edwards and hits a powerslam. Austin tries a ranna off the apron but Crist avoids it. Crist lands a leaping cutter. Prince lands a 450 on Crist. Austin breaks it up. Austin surprises Prince with a spinning head kick. Edwards hits a tiger driver on Austin. Austin kicks out. Edwards walks right into a Bossman slam by Jake. Willams hits Jake with the Canadian Destroyer. Austin rolls up Williams up before he can get the pinfall for the win.

Winner- Ace Austin

Rohit Raju w/Desi Hit Squad vs. Scarlett Bordeaux w/Fallah Bahh

Bordeaux is a house of fire to start, beating Raju into the corner. Bordeaux tries a baseball slide but Raju moves out of the way. Bordeaux takes out Singh in the process. Raju Russian leg sweeps Bordeaux into the ring apron. Raju hits a snap suplex. Raju goes for the pin but he pulls up Bordeaux’s head before the three count. Bordeaux slaps Raju. Bordeaux surprises Raju with a head scissors into the crossface. Raju powers his way out. Bordeaux tries a German suplex but can’t get Raju up. Raju hits the ropes and Bordeaux counters with a German suplex. Bordeaux dives off the top and lands on the Singhs. Bordeaux goes up top. Singh knocks her off while the referee is distracted. Raju is about to stink face Bordeaux. Bordeaux kicks Raju in the nuts. Bordeaux hits a Muff Driver for the win!

Winner- Scarlett Bordeaux

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