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Big E On Landing Voice Acting Work: ‘I Felt Like the Belle of the Ball’

Speaking with Paste, Big E of The New Day took some time out of injury recovery to speak on his role as an animated wolf on Adult Swim’s Lazor Wulf. Big E stated that he didn’t seek out the role himself, but the producers of the show did.

They just decided to approach WWE and ask for me. It was very flattering, I felt like the Belle of the Ball. It was nice to be sought out.

He continues that he had always wanted to pursue voice acting and that he’s greatly enjoyed the past work of the show’s creators. The thing Big E likes the most about voicing his character Canon Wulf is that Adult Swim isn’t subject to WWE’s PG rating.

That’s the biggest difference. We have a PG product in WWE and with Lazor Wulf I just let the expletives fly. It’s very free, honestly. That part I really enjoy.

The conversation also shifts over to a New Day-centered cartoon, which Big E feels would be a natural fit.

The idea we’ve talked about, I kind of want to do something like Mike Tyson Mysteries, except it’s the New Day who solves mysteries, but they’ve already got that on lock right now.

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