Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn & Al Snow Take To The Ring To Help Boy Battle Cancer (Video)

A young man named Brady Armstrong out of Noblesville, IN was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a few months back and WWE alumni Kevin Thorn decided to take action. FOX 59 out of Indianapolis covered Thorn and Armstrong as the former ECWer put on a wrestling event to help Armstrong’s family help pay for medical expenses as Brady goes through treatment. Thorn also recruited Al Snow to be apart of the show who jumped at the chance to come and show his support.

An emotional Thorn, who’s son plays football with Brady, mentioned how much this moment will mean seeing Brady ringside.

“I’ll probably cry,” Fertig said of seeing Brady ringside, “You know it’s been a lot to get to this point. You know, he needs it.”

The turn out ended up being great for the event and it surprised the young Brady who talked about the experience in glowing terms:

“I figured a few hundred people would show up,” Brady said, “not like 1,500.”

You can watch FOX 59’s complete video coverage of the event that includes interviews from Thorn, Snow and Armstrong’s family below:

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