Toni Storm
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Toni Storm & Bea Priestley Match Pulled From Upcoming Stardom Event

Stardom has announced the Toni Storm versus Bea Priestley match scheduled to take place on May 16 has been cancelled due to “circumstances beyond our control.”

The promotion issued the following statement on social media:

For the upcoming Korakuen Hall show on May 16, the previously announced match between Toni Storm and Bea Priestley will not take place due to circumstances beyond our control. Thank you for undestanding. [sic]

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported via a recent episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio” with Bryan Alvarez that WWE decided to shut down the upcoming match between Storm and Priestley as Storm was going to lose to Priestley, who is a new AEW signee. Meltzer’s full quote is below:

She [Toni Storm] was going to get a shot at the red belt [World Of Stardom Championship], which Bea Priestley just won. Bea Priestley the title the other the day so they were setting up a match for the 16th I believe at Korakuen Hall and WWE found out and canceled it because Bea Priestley is an AEW wrestler and she was going to go over because she’s the champion there and Toni Storm wasn’t going to win the title. Think of this – this is not on WWE’s TV. This is not in the United States. This is on a Stardom show at Korakuen Hall, they didn’t want their woman. who’s not even a main roster woman, because that woman is with AEW. Okay? I’m not even saying they’re wrong, I’m not even saying it’s petty cause if I was in WWE, given that Toni Storm is the UK Champion, I would probably say, ‘Hey I want to protect my championship I don’t want her losing, can we work -’, but I would say can we work out a draw? And then, Stardom would have the ability to make a decision. They did not give Stardom even the ability to work out a draw. It was like, ‘No, she can’t wrestle Bea…we can’t even work out a draw.’ So they had to change the card.

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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