David Arquette
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

David Arquette Has ‘Friends Money,’ Jake Hager’s Questionable MMA Opponent

David Arquette Has ‘Friends Money’

During a David Arquette match, TV writer Brandon Scott Wolf overheard quite the verbal exchange and decided to share it on his Twitter account.

Saw David Arquette wrestle last night. During the match a guy in the crowd yelled “You’re doing this cause you’re broke!” and David immediately yelled back “I have FRIENDS money, bitch!”


David Arquette has spun his single controversial reign as WCW Champion into a respectable string of bouts on the indie circuit.

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Jake Hager’s Questionable MMA Opponent

Wrestling and MMA fans alike were puzzled today by a video circulating of Jake “Jack Swagger” Hager standing eye to eye with his next MMA opponent in Bellator.

While Hager comes to the faceoff in a suit and tie, T.J. Jones decides to wear the clothes of a Kevin Smith character. His casual demeanor and strange hand signals seem to indicate that Jake should have no problem dispatching of him after they both climb into the cage.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Hager where he talks about his transition from WWE to Bellator MMA and teases his jump to All Elite Wrestling.